About Me

Okay firstly, my blog name is fake. I just turned 22 on Feb 11, rendering my blog name as a very stupid decision.
But I set it and I am not about to change it. So if my blog name deciding skills don’t impress you ,maybe my tenacious attitude will. If you can get over this first fallacy in my blog then you can very easily find your way through the layers of conceit and arrogance behind which I hide my true self. Good luck finding it though. I haven’t. I believe the true self is a fictitious thing, kinda like the point system on Whose Line Is It Anyway. And I think Sherlock is the most brilliant thing to ever happen to television. Now that’s enough about me. What about you? oh, sorry. I forgot that I don’t really care. But I kid the reader. Hope you enjoy my blog. I certainly don’t enjoy writing it.

3 comments on “About Me
  1. Steve Morris says:

    But are you still a frustrated bong? And what is that anyway?

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