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Getting a 325 on the Revised GRE

Disclaimer: 325 is a reasonably good score. My Verbal score is 162/170 which places me at the 89th percentile and my Quantitative score is 163/170 which is at the 87th percentile. My Awa is 3.5/6 which is pretty mediocre. It

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Short Story – Meeting Of the Titans-Chapter 1

It was a cold, crisp, Sunday morning in London. In one of it’s numerous medical centers, worked one of the more unconventional members of the scientific community. He seemed very intent, to all extents and purposes as he worked over

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What Indians Do In Thailand (Day Time Adventures)

Bangkok Tiger Temple First and foremost, no the tigers are not drugged. They look docile and are almost always on the verge of sleep, but they aren’t drugged. One of our parents asked if there were any drugs involved. They

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What Indians do in Thailand (Places to Stay)

INTRODUCTION This is my account of what a community of 17 people, including 5 families with 4 teenagers can do in Bangkok. This was my first time abroad and needless to say I was excited to the core. I wanted

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