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The act of Graduating

Ah, well, the day before yesterday I graduated. Yep. I am pretty much an Electrical and Electronics engineer from PESIT. Yeah yeah the actual convocation is still way afar in september and the impending doom relating to my still-not-working Final

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The Essence of a Bad Day

bad days

Yesterday, I had a pretty bad day. Now, normally by virtue of common sense and a good education I am not a victim to superstition. No black cat crossed my way and I didn’t break any mirrors. But when I

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An Annoyingly Colorful Holi

Indian Traditions

So its Sunday morning. I wake up drowsy and feeling particularly lazy. I get a Whatsapp message from my Bong Group, (My crazy group of Bengali friends) that they want to celebrate Holi in some random place near the neighborhood.

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How my friend shut down a Power Plant

The Varahi Power Plant is Karnataka’s first underground Powerhouse. It is a Hydro Power Plant with a design capacity of 460MW and has 4 operating units each individually giving 115MW output. It supplies power to both Mangalore and Shimoga from

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What Indians do in Thailand (Places to Stay)

INTRODUCTION This is my account of what a community of 17 people, including 5 families with 4 teenagers can do in Bangkok. This was my first time abroad and needless to say I was excited to the core. I wanted

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