I am Not (A Poem)

I am not rich or even moderately stable,

Of good writing I am not sufficiently able,

I am not in possession of a significant other,

Neither do I have siblings, bereft of a sister or brother,

I am not talented in the instruments of harmonious sound,

I am not satisfied by the circumstances, by which I have been bound,

I am not considerably gifted in matters of the cerebral, though sufficiently compensated,

I am not adequately happy with my life at present, I occasionally feel ill-fated,


I am not an orphan; I have been favourably blessed with both parents,

I am not a starving child; I have my choice of food or alcoholic intoxicants,

I am not of the 33% below the poverty line, a square meal being my only hope,

I am not without eyes and ears, while people without both find ways to daily cope,

I am not of the demographic who sell their souls to support their families i.e eternally slog,

I am not consumed by worries and instead sit here, banging out a poem, on my laptop, for my blog,

The cards life deals us are varied and strange,

Red, black, diamonds or a good old brain,

Sometimes we only look up at those above us and are consumed by envy,

We forget the ones below us, their faces and hearts, burdened and heavy,

I realise that there are a lot of things I could have been,

And I am glad I am not some of them, my gratitude is supreme.


Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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2 comments on “I am Not (A Poem)
  1. sidraifti says:

    This is so good! 🙂 You should have taken part in national poetry writing month…which is now nearly over!

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