Best Fan-Videos with Brilliant Soundtracks

I love watching fan videos. At one point it was my favorite pass time. Here they are.


Will you do this for me?

Brilliant. Just captures the entire Seasons 1 and 2 so well. One of the most skilled videos I have ever seen.


Scala & Kolacny Brothers — Raintears

X-Ray Dog – Final Hour

Pressure Point

Since I can’t leave out season 3, here is one which covers the entire season 3 in a prefect crescendo of  emotions.


John Dreamer – Rise

Sherlock-Irene [BBC] – Toxic

Ahem, this is mine. It consists of only the first episode of season 2. It explores the unique relationship between Sherlock and Irene.


Britney Spears – Toxic



Dexter – The Monster

I really like how the videos follows the rap so well. Covers the entire season so beware of spoilers.


Eminem Feat Rihanna – Monster



(Breaking Bad) Walter White – Monster

Oh my god. I cannot think of a better sound track or video to show Walter White’s transformation. Just Watch it.


Imagine Dragons – Monsters

(Breaking Bad) Jesse Pinkman – Learning Self Acceptance

Obviously Walter White cant exist without Jesse Pinkman. And man does this video show Jesse’s progress throughout the show perfectly.


The Mighty Rio Grande – This Will Destroy You

There, that ends it. Hope you enjoyed them. Have a nice day.





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