Three Days In Goa, a Photographic Journey

Duration: Three Days

Number of People: Eight

Budget: 4500 Rs

Before you go through the photographic Journey, can I interest you in a Video-graphic one? Click the link below to look at a travel video I made of the trip. It will take a minute of your time.

Goa Travel Video

Else proceed and enjoy.

Day 1:

So we had decided to look for accommodation once we reached Goa rather than book in advance, though I did have a contact ready. We took the train from Bangalore to Margao. That was a 16 hours journey. We boarded at 9 P.M and debarked at 1 P.M the next day. Now after a brief dispute as to take a bus all the way to Calangute Beach or rent scooters, we finally decided to rent scooters at 200 Rs per head. (8 Guys, 4 Scooters, excluding fuel). And boy it was worth it. I recommend going the entire 40 Kilometers by scooter from Margao to Calangute. I also recommend using Navigation because you can very easily get lost. Its a beautiful road and one worth riding. The return journey may be a bit stressful though. In between we had lunch at some non-decript place along the way. At 4 we finally reached Calangute.

Goa on the way to Calangute

Don’t worry about accommodation. There will be dozens of agents who will come up to you with lots of houses at affordable prices. You just need to have some bargaining skills and a reasonable tolerance of room space. After checking out two houses we finally settled on one just some way from Calangute Beach. After lots of bargaining we settled on an AC room, with fan, attached bathroom and bed for two people. (at least we thought it was AC. Later that day the owner tried to convince us that just because we had an AC in our room didn’t mean that could use it. Which was stupid and we argued and got the AC anyway) We took two rooms with four people in each. Bedding was provided for two more people in each room and besides we didn’t intend to spend much time in the rooms anyway. Check out time was 10 0 clock.

Houses in Goa

So anyway, we got settled and then set out on our scooters to Calangute Beach and let me tell you, there is no better feeling than guzzling a beer, stripping off your shirt and plunging off into the sea at 10 in the night. Beware of the sand though, gets into your pockets and er..other places. [And 1 Beer max. I do not advocate going into the water even slightly drunk. And always go in a group, sober or otherwise] After that some of us got temporary tattoos. (Don’t believe those jackasses who say it lasts for 2 months and so. The maximum you can hope to expect is a week).

tattoo parlors in goa

After that I recommend just sitting on the beach and getting dinner at one of the shacks available. Its beautiful and well worth it. [Food will be expensive though].

goa shacks

After dinner at around 12 am, our group divided up. Four went off to shop and we four decided to just roam around the beach. The walk at that time from Calangute to Baga is brilliant. After walking for around an hour we reached Baga. We decided to eat something and then try Hookah. We had Hookah at a place called the Oceanic Cafe, one of the myriad shacks around the beach. The Hookah (strawberry flavored) cost 300 Rs and was of very good quality. We were rejoined by our group and then went back to our hotel rooms.

goa nights

Day 2:

We set out at around 11 A.M for Aguada Fort. Its a beautiful place. Very scenic. Great for taking pictures.

Goa Landmarks

Goa landmarks

Aguada fort

Our Group

Here’s one where I look like a local drug dealer. As a Breaking Bad fan, I say close enough.

After that we headed to Sinquerim Beach. This beach is pretty near Aguada Fort so its a short trip.

goa beaches

goa beaches

We decided to do water sports. Jet-skis were available with two options, single or double. Single meant you and the driver. Double meant you and a friend on the Jet-ski and the driver in between. Both single and double were 500 Rs. Double meant 250 per person. I decided to go twice with two friends as double for 500 bucks, the only condition being I had to sit at the back both times. Still worth it. The front gets too much water into your eyes.

Goa jet skis

That evening, we roamed around the entire beach and decided to have a brilliant dinner consisting of chicken. egg and veg sandwiches, Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Tadka, rotis and naans. The entire thing set each of us back by 175 bucks. Pretty cheap on a group basis. Then we decided to visit clubs (oh, from the outside). Titos and Mambos looked cool and uninviting what with our stag statuses. There was this rocking place called “Cocktails and Dreams“, with the crowd shouting “we will rock you!”. It looked cool and crowded. We roamed around till 4 in the night, had dinner at some random cafe and went home.

Day 3:

That day was pretty chilled. We first went to a place called Baga Bazaar. Pretty nice place to buy stuff at affordable and occasionally cheap products. I bought a necklace for my mom(230 Rs) and a very awesome glow in the dark T Shirt (250 Rs)

Later that day half of us visited Baga Beach and went for paragliding. And had our first regrets. Turns out, rates on Monday, are way cheaper than Sunday. Jet-skiing was 300 Rs and paragliding was at 600 Rs and 300 Rs extra for a dip. We took the 600 Rs package but I assure you the 900 Rs one is worth it.

Beaches in Goa

beaches of goa

After paragliding we roamed around some more checking out the skimpily clad foreigners. Around 3 we took our scooters and set out , deposited the bikes at Colva beach where the owner told us to, took a taxi to the station. And then we went freaking home. Thank you for reading. Hope this helps.


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