An Annoyingly Colorful Holi

So its Sunday morning. I wake up drowsy and feeling particularly lazy. I get a Whatsapp message from my Bong Group, (My crazy group of Bengali friends) that they want to celebrate Holi in some random place near the neighborhood. Holi is a festival celebrated in India. Its also called the festival of Colors or the festival of Love. So anyway, I say no to this invitation, I am too tired and I want to sleep. They seemingly agree and I fall back asleep. An indefinite time later, I hear my bell ring, I am dragged out of my house and forcefully covered with red powder.

Festival of Colors

Not satisfied with this, after I go with them to another friend’s place, Joy, of Jackfruit fame, decides to smash an egg on the side of my face. That’s right, an egg. I calmly let the yolk run down my shirt while the gentle sound of egg white gurgles in my ear. Joy has moved around to a decent distance, eagerly expectant. I look around my friends and ask for another egg. Joy, demented as he is, is also thoughtful. He has also brought along another egg. Just One other egg. I chase the guy for two blocks before smashing the egg on his head.

Then we head out to our friend’s place and go crazy celebrating i.e putting colors, splashing buckets of colored water on each other, aiming water rockets and smashing water balloons. At the end this is what we end up looking like.

Festival of Colors

Yes this guy

Scary people

And after that its pretty basic friend stuff. We stuff ourselves with garlic bread and Pizza (after taking a damn bath, of course). And I feel grateful that I do have a group of people I can count on to force me to have fun. Oh and I borrow one of my friend’s father camera to take some pictures to try capturing the essence of Holi. Here they are. I urge you to be merciful. These are first efforts. Look on them with a kindly eye.

Indian Traditions

Indian Traditions


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2 comments on “An Annoyingly Colorful Holi
  1. AGD says:

    Yay! We are back to normal!

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