The 7 habits of a Breaking Bad Addict

Symptoms of Addiction

The definition of Addiction

Yes, I was an addict. You can’t blame me. Breaking Bad was like a drug. I was enslaved to the habit of watching it and its cessation did indeed cause me severe freaking trauma. I passed the week after finishing the mind-blowing fifth season in a kind of daze, feeling incomplete, like there was something missing from my life. But let’s move on to the symptoms.

  1. You suddenly start saying “Bitch” and “Yo” a lot. And if you’re feeling particularly inspired, “Yo Bitch!”


    Walter White AdviceBitchJesse Pinkman saying his one awesome line.

  2. pinkman-bitchwall2To the people around you, you seem to be gesticulating wildly, gasping excitedly and occasionally just going slack jawed in front of your laptop without any reason. But you’re probably just reacting to one of many awesome moments during the show. Probably like this Jesse below. Only its more like, “Oh no, he did not just do that!” and “Bitch!”

    Magnets Bitch

    Magnets Bitch

  3. You feel a deeply inexplicable urge to find out what you would look like with a Shaved Head and a thick Goatee.

    Walter white

    Either creepy or Extremely Cool

  4. You become a walking, talking Breaking Bad advertisement, telling everyone to watch it, enjoy it and love it, complete with catch phrases and the occasional “bitch!” You also learn a lot of valuable life lessons.

    Heisenberg Pizza

    How not to toss a Pizza

  5. You have memorized lines from the show which you keep spouting, occasionally annoying everyone around you. (Okay, make that every time)
    Heisenberg Evolves

    A classic Breaking Bad moment


    Walter white to Heisenberg


  6. Once you finish breaking bad you keep trying to fill the now gaping hole in your heart with Breaking Bad stuff, including extras, interviews and breaking bad trivia.
  7. But whatever happens you know, deep down in your heart, there will never be another show about a chemistry teacher and a junkie meth-head and the shit storm they kicked up when they started cooking together.

Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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  1. AGD says:

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    A show I could never get enough of or get over. Here is 7 habits of a Breaking Bad Addict by my friend.

  2. […] quotes of the series. BB has and always will be very close to my heart. The show was dangerously addictive. Rules: They have to be long quotes so popular ones like, “Run” and “Say my […]

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