Book Review – OUTLIERS By Malcolm Gladwell


           One of the books I would unequivocally recommend to other people would be this one. The book explores the concept of how a person’s environment plays a much more important role in developing his skills or personality than previously thought. He explores a unique theory called ‘The 10000 Hour Rule’. About how a person can become an expert in literally anything if he spends 10000 hours doing it. But one of the most awesome things I came across was the chapter on ‘The trouble with Geniuses’. Have you ever wondered what happened to those really smart people you knew in class? The ones who aced their sats? Who studied one day before their tests and got straight A’s nonetheless. Somehow you had the feeling that no matter what happened, these people would make it as a nuclear scientist or end up working for NASA. Well, a professor of psychology, Lewis Terman decided to do check this theory. He found a group of geniuses who defied the IQ tests, who were the most intelligent people in the room. He was confident his group of ‘Termites’ would change the world. But after around 2 decades of tracking their progress the results were astounding. I won’t tell you more. Read the book.


         Malcolm Gladwell himself is an interesting person. The basic methodology behind the research for his immensely successful books are “I have two parallel things I’m interested in. One is, I’m interested in collecting interesting stories, and the other is I’m interested in collecting interesting research. What I’m looking for is cases where they overlap”. The man is brilliant in writing, his arguments flow so smoothly it’s kind of hard to question them at all. Rather it’s like a fast paced thriller and you wonder what the conclusion is. The reason I recommend books like this is because they cause you to look at the world differently, they give you a new topic to discuss with people, but most importantly, as a person who loves reading, it gives me just the slightest impression that I have become more intelligent and that feeling is amazing. Read it. I promise you it’s worth it.



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