Review of ‘The Lunchbox’

                     Yesterday, I watched a ‘The LunchBox’ directed by Ritesh Batra with a group of parents. And let me tell you Bengali parents speak a lot while watching a film. I was the only kid there so to speak. See, usually I am not much into art films. I don’t really get the subtle nuances, the directorial cuts or the aesthetic nature of everyday scenes these films usually portray. I just consider it too much effort on my part. However, the ‘Lunchbox’ was different.

                    Firstly, it is a very unusual love story. Amidst Mumbai’s impeccable dabbawala(lunchbox service) ,the story starts off with what happens when an inadvertent exchange happens between two lunchboxes. A lonely housewives lunchbox to her husband gets delivered to a lonely widower in a small claims office, on the verge of retirement. I was sold on the trailer itself. Check it out here. Secondly, the movie did not disappoint. I really liked it. It was very mellow. It kind of flowed well if you get what I mean. Nice even pace. The story developed very well. Thirdly, the acting was brilliant. I have always liked Irfan Khan and his comic timing was sparsely placed and brilliantly executed. And then there was Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is an upcoming actor and who deserves praise for his role. And Nimrat Kaur, who really has a very undefinable quality of beauty. Fourthly, this really brought across the concept that in Bollywood it’s not always a lot of action or the ‘leave your brains at home’ philosophy that succeeds. A small budget film with just three main actors suffices to engage the audience in an intricate web of interrelationships and situations. Fifthly, (okay do you seriously need more reasons?), It has a very nice ending. Watch it.


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