The Art of Doing Nothing

                 Firstly, no matter what people tell you, doing nothing is a very valuable skill set. And there are people who spent their whole lives trying to perfect the art. For an art it is. And there are people all around you who will see you practicing this and hate you for it. These include your parents, (“stop lazing around! Do something productive!”), your boss (“I want that power point by 12 today! I pay you to work!”(At least that’s how I imagine bosses are. I have never worked before)), your girlfriend (“My god, you are so unproductive!”(At least that’s how I imagine girlfriends are)) and just people in general. Because in this fast paced world, where there are a myriad decisions to make and less time to make them, people seem to just get caught up with a vague sense of urgency and don’t really know how to deal with it.

                   You, the professional Nothing Doer, however know how to be perfectly content with the bare minimum. To just do enough to be able to reasonably pass off as a working human being, so that people don’t mistake you for a piece of furniture or dirt. These include being in a comatose position most of the time, usually in front of the TV or a laptop. Usually accompanied by a pack of chips, soft drinks or pizza. Oh and occasionally say “I’m alive!” or “I exist!” just to reassure people that you, uh, exist. I know I haven’t reached the true level of ND Master yet. I still have residual feelings of responsibility and duty.

                  Just last week, I spent the entire weekend just reading an awesomely funny web-comic series called ‘The Doghouse Diaries’. When I finally went to sleep at around 2 am, I felt a weird feeling. It felt like a combination of guilt, regret and strangely, hunger. Then I realised that it was the feeling of not doing anything productive or expending even the slightest bit of energy for anything over a period of 48 hours. It was just the backup personality talking. I told him to shut up and went back to sleep, content and peaceful.

                  Now let me give you another example of…oh never mind. Bare minimum remember.



Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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