Short Story – Meeting Of the Titans-Chapter 1

It was a cold, crisp, Sunday morning in London. In one of it’s numerous medical centers, worked one of the more unconventional members of the scientific community. He seemed very intent, to all extents and purposes as he worked over the many test tubes and beakers scattered over his desk. He distilled a liquid, precipitated a crystal and mixed them in specific proportions. Then he set it to a boil and waited. Whilst this was happening, two men entered the lab.

 “Ah, Stamford, you’ve come at the perfect time to be useful. I need your blood. “
“What?” replied the older of the two men, “What do you mean? “
” Well, not yours as such, I need a blood sample from the storage room. I believe I have discovered an elegant way to catch certain, let’s say interesting members of our society” replied the medical student.
” Um, yes I can arrange for that later. Can you come here?” The student came over, giving the other man a silent glance. ”Right now I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. He’s in the same predicament as you. He’s interested in..”
“Sharing rooms because he moved out from his native place in a hurry, arrived here yesterday morning and was looking for cheap lodgings.” said the student.
“How did you know that?” asked the other man, a strongly built person, wearing a shirt and corduroy shorts.
“It’s pretty basic, you look out of place and your clothes suggest you didn’t prepare for this kind of weather. Plus your hand bag still has a flight tag, the type for international flights. By the fact that the
time on your watch is behind by 5 hours, I would say you came from somewhere in the United States. I told Stamford that I was interested in sharing rooms with someone yesterday and he introduces
someone to me today. It can’t be a coincidence. “
“I am from Miami.” said the man, a smile covering his features. “You are very observant.”
“It comes with the job.” said the student. The solution next to him had started bubbling. “Ah, here we are! Forget the sample, Stamford. I will use my personal supply.” After which he pricked himself in the finger with a bodkin in the table and drew the resultant drop of blood into an empty beaker, which he then proceeded to fill with water. “The proportion of blood to water cannot be more than one in a
million.” He then took one drop from the beaker and put it in the boiling solution. Almost immediately the solution metamorphosed, giving a brownish precipitate which settled at the bottom of the
beaker. “Yes! This solution is precipitated only by blood. This should help the incompetents down at Scotland Yard, if they cared to use it.”
“This method,” said the man “however can also be manipulated, to give wrong results.”
“How so?” asked the student, very interested.
“A point five percent solution of iron hydroxide, mixed with a 43.7 percent solution of aqueous potassium perforate would produce the same precipitate. Anyone could implicate another person based on that.” Replied the man.
“It’s an interesting point.” conceded the student, “You are involved in police work I observe, possibly a blood analyst.”
“Nice guess, I am a blood analyst with the Miami Metro Police Department “said the man.
“I never guess. I will meet you tomorrow to discuss the rooms. Let me introduce myself. The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B, Baker Street.”
“The name is Dexter. Dexter Morgan.”



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