Gre Bro!

        Okay people! I am going to give my GRE this August. On the eighth day in fact. So that would make it August 8th. Now that that’s cleared up lets proceed with what I was saying. So i have about a month and a quarter left to prepare for it. Now why did I delay prepping for it till now? Certain people of an officious or pedantic nature would go to say that I was lazy and kept procrastinating the time to start. But they wouldn’t realize that I in fact have a logical and well thought through plan which ensures that I will study effectively and in proper spirit. My dependence on last minute panic to see me through.

                          Now learning words has given me a whole new edge over people. See before I could annoy people by saying words they understood. But now not only can I annoy them ,I can leave them also confused and unsure of what I said. For example, I could say, “My mind derives great pleasure from observing and appreciating the myriad species of ornithological origin which predominately rule the heavens, unfettered by the cumbersome burdens of trivial human pursuits like attending institutions of higher study or excelling at one’s profession, tedious as it may be.Now do you have a similar inclination or does the common canine please your aesthetic senses?”. Now what that means is “I like birds. Do you like them too or are you a dog person?”. But then saying it like that just ruins it. The only thing better than a regular douche is a pretentious one. Lets see how that goes. 



Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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