Review Of Man Of Steel

               Okay, let me start of by saying that i don’t really like the idea of Superman. Most superheroes have a discernible motive for wanting to save civilians/ good people/ their lady love/ their city/ the world and or beat up the bad guys/ good guys who turn into bad guys/ bad guys on a global scale.

Batman – Parents killed by an asshole. Motive – Revenge.

Spiderman – Uncle killed by an asshole. Motive – Revenge.

Thor – Father killed by evil stepson. Motive – Stop evil stepson.

Hulk – Exposed to gamma radiation. Motive – Hulk smash cause he got nothing better to do!

Green Lantern – Met a purple alien in a swamp. Motive – Met a purple alien in a swamp.(okay this doesn’t help my case but there’s a bigger question here. Why the hell is he white in the movie!?)

         Well, anyway i think the concept of a man who’s from another planet, powered by earth’s sun, who fights for justice just cause he can is extremely stupid and idealistic. So my review maybe slightly biased. So the movie opens with a view of Krypton, and Jor-El, superman’s father, roaming around looking worried as his wife gives birth to, of course ,Superman. Why this is such a big deal is because this is Krypton’s first natural birth in centuries. So Krypton people haven’t sex in hundreds of years? No wonder his parents send him to Earth. After the birth, his parents prep up a ship to take him away cause the planets core is unstable and shit. The implant him with the codex, which is apparently a blueprint of the planet and off he goes.

                 Enter general Zod, resident bad guy who wants the codex for his own nefarious purposes. He comes in, sees supermans gone bye bye, gets pissed and kills Jor-El. So then he and his proponents are sentenced to 300 cycles of ‘Somatic Recycling’ ,whatever that means. They are frozen and bundled off into a spaceship and sent into the blackness of space. Some moments later the planet explodes, proving two things. One, General Zod is now safely floating around in space, ensconced in a comfortable spaceship away from the explosion. Two, not only do Kryptonian’s have no fun(no sex?), they are also extremely stupid.

             So superman comes to earth, grows up hiding from people, meets general Zod, defeats him, and kisses the girl, miss.Whats-Her-Face. I would warn you people about spoilers except there’s nothing to spoil. Its a typical True-Justice-Prevails story. The only good things here are the action which is superb and the fact that this time, his annoyingly red underpants are inside his blue tights.ImageImage


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2 comments on “Review Of Man Of Steel
  1. Observations:

    a) Review by a drunk guy
    b) Review by a drunk guy who fell asleep during the movie
    c) Absent for the ending of the movie


  2. abasu1992 says:

    Silence! I will not have my character vilified by some female mortal! And i fell asleep for like 5 minutes.

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