The Onset Of Boredom

                Boredom. Being bored. The concept of boredom probably started in the early ages. During Neandertal times. You know cave men with names like Oog or Groog as popular comics and cartoons would have us believe. When papa Gooog had gone out for a nice morning of mammoth hunting and mama Pug was busy cooking up last weeks left over possum, teenage kid Oog sat there and got bored. He had gone over his rock collection a dozen times (they all looked the same) and his friends had all died in a recent stampede. “Shit. What Oog do now?” he pondered. And thus started the inevitable question that would haunt us for generations every Sunday afternoon (and occasional holidays).


              See boredom is a bitch. The human mind has an amazing ability. It’s quite a unique ability. And we seem to possess it to a most remarkably developed degree. It is the ability to be bored. EASILY. That’s the key. We adapt to situations so easily and so quickly we become bored of it. In all those zombie movies we watch the scraggly group of survivors always have time to reveal their background stories to pass the time or for a game of cards or for a session of passionate making out. (A snogging as JK Rowling so aptly put it). Other animals don’t seem to possess it. I have seen dogs go through the same routine day after day and yet seem extremely interested in the same tree, the same sewer, and wag their tails enthusiastically at the same people. Boredom as a concept doesn’t seem to exist in their world. Cats though seem to have invented the very concept. An entire comic strip exists about a very bored cat. That is precisely the reason I detest cats. So anyway why am I going on about boredom is because my summer holidays are about to start and i have no clue what to do during them.


Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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