Compulsive Talker

Okay I have been told I am a compulsive talker. Given how many people have told me to shut up every once in a while, I think they may be on to something. I in all sincerity cannot stop talking to save my life. Now by talking I mean real live face to face talking. I don’t mean chatting, IMing, skyping, video chatting, what sapping, texting, sexting and that black hole of group conversations, the comment section under a YouTube video. It’s pretty amazing the number of substitutions we have to actually avoid directly interacting with another human being. Sure there are a lot of advantages like you get to catch up with all your old school friends, childhood friends, neighborhood friends, and other assorted friends via social media.

                                But I personally feel that the satisfaction you get out of annoying the crap out of someone by face to face talking and seeing their exasperated expression as you near the finale of your long drawn monologue about this new philosophy you just embraced is just …is just something that social media doesn’t give you. I mean in social media the other person has the option to stop replying back, logging out, saying “I can’t hear you…my networks down..(makes hissing noises)…click”, blocking you, etc. Now I am not all your conversations have to be like that. Pleasant conversations are awesome too. But you can have pleasant conversations anywhere. Because the advantage in social media is you can let the other person see only that side of you that you wish them to see. You could be witty, charming, and funny in the texting and messaging world, because you get the time to compose a really witty text. But in the real world of face to face, you are just your plain old philosophical annoying self. And damn proud of it!


Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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