The Exam Hall Fiasco

                                      This happened during my 3rd year in college. I was writing my 5th Semester End Examinations. We had to write that particular paper (The subject was Power Electronics) in the seminar hall of our college. So we shuffled in wearily, since more than half us had probably been up half the night and the other half hadn’t slept at all. (Except for some few jackasses who claimed they hadn’t studied at all when we knew they were going to score). So anyway, I had prepped well, I guess. So I strode in like a boss, kept my cell phone and wallet in my bag and went to my designated place.

                    I sat down, got the paper, thought it was easy and started writing. Well around an hour into the paper, I heard the song ‘Up All Night’ by Alex Clare playing in the hall. I remember thinking “hmm…this song seems familiar…” Then it hit me. Of course it would, that was my alarm tone. I had set it the previous day and it was repeating itself. I immediately got up and told the examiner if I could shut it off. She said she would do it herself. She went over to my bag, got the cell phone, did some shit to it and kept it back. 10 minutes pass by, and I find out she set it on snooze. How? The bloody thing starts ringing again, now people around begin staring at me. I get up, give the examiner a ‘bitch please’ look and go to my bag, switch the damn thing off and go back to my place. 10 minutes later…

                    The Nokia 5235 has a very interesting and utterly useless property. Turns out if you have set an alarm, put it on snooze and then switch it off ,it switches itself on and plays whatever god forsaken song you have set as the alarm tone. Now people were giving me ‘WTF’ looks, the examiner was giving me murderous looks, my friends were giving me ‘Can’t you handle a cell phone look?’ and I just wished that had the power to apparate, Harry Potter Style. So I went one final time, removed the batteries of the damn thing and then went back and wrote the damn paper, hoping the damn thing didn’t have some backup battery system or something. But I finally finished the paper and that was that.Image 


Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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