Why our parents are Smarter

Have you ever wondered how our parents seem to be way smarter than we ever could be? How they seem to have achieved more either academically or culturally? If you take an objective view of the basic differences between our generation and the previous one, the reason behind this becomes not so much incredible, as just inevitable.

  1. All social media – Our parents did not have Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS’s or even computers. And somehow I think they were better off for it. Why? I personally think just getting two hours of good sleep is more important than checking my Whatsapp messages or how many people liked my status on Facebook.
  2. Mobile Phones – Our parent’s didn’t have any. They did stuff the old fashioned way i.e they bloody talked to people. If there is one thing I could abolish, it would be when two people are in a group and they text each other. It’s damn annoying. Stop.
  3.  NO Television – Forget high speed internet, our parents didn’t even have a TV. They went out and played because that was the only thing that relieved boredom.
  4. Wayyy more responsibilities – They had staggeringly huge, mind bogglingly complex, tedious responsibilities to fulfill. Support the family, travel lots of miles for the nearest college and take care of siblings.
  5. They had good teachers – I cannot stress this enough. Our parents had way better teachers than we ever did. I don’t know if all the good teachers just all simultaneously got a heart attack or decided to give up, whatever it is, good teachers today are as hard to find as that extremely hot female you once knew in coaching class who you can’t find on Facebook.  
  6. Bonus point – No internet porn.

Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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