The Digitised Past

                Okay, just follow me through the pretty circuitous argument I am about to make. I am sure your patience will be rewarded. So look at it this way. The picture you probably have of your parents is a slightly amorphous collection of lots of stories told by your relatives, your parent’s friends, and your parents themselves. You have what I would say is a filtered perception of how your parents were at your age. Filtered as in controlled. Like you hear the good stuff your parents did, or how they achieved this or how cool some prank they played on someone was.

                 But now, times have changed. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, drunken voice mails and a whole lot of other social media which keep an accurate account of your doings at our young impressionable ages. That drunken tweet you posted? Still there. That crappy whatsapp pic of you in the bathroom? Posted on several groups.That embarrassing photo on Facebook? Still there and getting likes. That YouTube video of you flashing your assets at a concert and which you’re secretly proud off? 1000,567 views and counting. My point being, when you go on to work and get jobs and ‘become an adult’ (I certainly don’t intend to) then all this stuff will come back. Because as they say, ‘The past never passes, it’s just a black vortex of embarrassment and pain’. Okay, they don’t say that. But you get the point.


                   My conclusion? Don’t do irresponsible shit and post it on Facebook. Comment with caution. So that around 20 years later, when your 10 year old kid comes up to you and asks ‘Hey, dad, is this you passed out on the floor in this pic here?’ or ‘Mom, why are you tagged in this photo titled, ‘Sluts rule the world’? You have to be answerable to that. Cause where as you can flatly deny a story, you can’t deny a digital pic. And to complete this I shall leave you with some traditional inspirational lines. Carpe diam! Don’t do drugs.


Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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