The Law of Averages

I am an Average guy. Average looks, height and build. My face couldn’t launch a thousand ships but it wouldn’t turn people to stone either. Putting aside the fact that both the above analogies were for women, you get the point. That I am an average guy. I have an average house, an average family and an average life. Basically I specialize in the average. If at this point the word average sounds strange to you then I believe I have made my point.

                       Okay, Specifics: I am 20 years old, am Bengali, am spectacularly untalented and like to read books. These four facts are all that define me. Further, I like to believe that I am a mature, slightly cynical, member of our generation, though there are others who don’t agree and have called me childish, short tempered and egotistic. But, like I said, being mature I don’t mind being called these. Sticks and stones, as They say. As to whom this mysterious ‘they’ is, I have no idea.

                     This being my first blog, I really have no idea what I am going to write about. I hope that by spontaneously jotting down whatever is going through my mind at that point, I can create a sparkling cocktail of witty anecdotes and clever observations, drawn from my myriad average experiences, to provide an entertaining and slightly provocative look at life in general. Or as often happens, I could just spew shit and not be able to tell the difference. Be warned though. I can be downright philosophical at times. I don’t believe in short forms or sms text. No ‘wat’ for ‘What’, no ‘4’ for ‘For’. And if I find something particularly humorous, I hope you have enough sense to laugh or snigger at your own compulsion, rather than be prompted by a ‘lol’ for your benefit. No smileys shall adorn this page or future pages. Now, having established our boundaries, let us proceed.

                    My first clever observation is that, Life, basically, sucks.

See, see what I did there. Or at least tried to do there. I led you through a maze of words to finally deliver a pretty stereotypical view of the world through my average eyes. Or maybe I was just trying to be clever. The thing is, the thing is I myself don’t know. When I started this I had no idea I was about to do that. It just happened. Like teenage girls explain their pregnancies, “It just happened!” So there you go, served up to be treated as sparkling cocktail or shit, for your reading pleasure, my first blog. Which you just read.


Frustrated individual in a world with lots and lots of other similarly frustrated individuals.

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    ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 ”

    *boundary crossed*

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